We only provide support and warranty for products purchased from us. If you have purchased your product from another seller / other company, please contact them.

You are entitled to legal warranties in accordance with European directives on all of our products. Legal warranty means that a product is or must do what you as a buyer can reasonably expect. The product must be in good condition when delivered and must function properly for at least 24 months. If a product is incomplete, damaged or defective on receipt or does not work properly, please contact us.

Extra warranties and factory warranties do not affect your legal rights. If you are not sure whether something falls under the warranty conditions, you can always contact us.

Your rights during the warranty period
If a product does not function properly within the applicable warranty period, we will come up with a suitable solution. Your product will then be repaired free of charge or exchanged for a similar one. If that's not possible, you will get your money back. If the problem is a user error, it is not covered by the warranty. User errors include fall, impact and moisture damage. Not sure about the warranty? Contact us.

What is covered under the warranty?
A product must, according to the legal warranty, meet the expectations you have of it. However, you have to use the product correctly. If the product is defective within 24 months, the warranty entitles you to free repair or a replacement product.

Problems with the following items are covered by the warranty:
  • Microphone/loudspeaker (with the exception of dust or moisture damage)
  • Wi-Fi and problems with network connection
  • Problems with the motherboard
  • Touchscreen (when it partially or completely stops working)
  • Battery/charger (in case of rapid drain or overheating)

What is not covered under the warranty?
In case of damage caused by fall, impact or moisture, the repair costs for another defect may no longer be covered by the warranty. The warranty also expires when illegal software is used without the manufacturer's brand.

Caution: Have you repaired a product or replaced parts with a third party? Then our warranty expires.

The points below are not covered by the warranty:
  • Errors after the warranty period
  • Damage as a result of improper use by the user (broken/cracked parts and/or moisture damage)
  • Broken SIM card reader
  • All buttons on the product (home, volume and power buttons)
  • Broken camera lens
  • Damaged or dirty charging connector
  • Loose parts (headphone connection)

Warranty on refurbished smartphones
Different terms apply to the warranty on refurbished smartphones. We give you a standard 12-month warranty on second-hand smartphones, calculated from the purchase date. Furthermore, the warranty conditions remain the same as for new smartphones.

Warranty on accessories
Different terms apply to the warranty on accessories. We give you a standard 6-month warranty on accessories, calculated from the purchase date. If the product is defective within that period and there is no fall, impact or moisture damage, the accessory will be exchanged free of charge.

Warranty procedure
  1. Contact customer service via e-mail clearly indicating your invoice number and the problems you've identified.
  2. After we've received and approved your request, you can return the product, properly packaged, or drop it off (by appointment) together with the warranty form (download warranty form).
  3. If we have received your product, you will get a confirmation e-mail from us. We'll then take the necessary steps to solve the defect in your product as quickly as possible.

Need help?

Contact our Customer Service.